Conversation Series
A social experiment to promote empathetic discussions on society’s most divisive issues.

Six people with opposing views attempt to have an empathetic conversation.
All they have to do is follow 3 simple rules.

EPISODE 5: Malaysia should implement anti-discrimination policies to prevent racism
EPISODE 1: Employers And Workers Talk About Racist Job Ads

EPISODE 2: Liberal values dilute Malaysian traditional identity

EPISODE 3: Certain Groups Should Receive Special Rights And Privileges

EPISODE 4: I have been treated as “less Malaysian” because of where I’m from

Why Sama-Sama?

It’s a profoundly powerful Malaysian phrase which we hope will kickstart
a movement.

The phrase “sama-sama” in Malay has 3 meanings:

1) “We are the same” – equality
2) “We are together” – unity
3) “You are welcome” – civility

We hope this “sama-sama” concept will inspire Malaysians everywhere
to have empathetic, constructive conversations, regardless of our differences.

No more arguments or dramatic debates. It’s time to talk, sama-sama.