what is kita, Bukan kami?

Kita, Bukan Kami is a movement to cultivate empathetic conversations on national unity and inter-racial harmony in Malaysia. This movement is led by the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), together with The Fourth, with support from the European Union.

IDEAS is a non-profit research institute dedicated to promoting solutions to public policy challenges, focusing on three overarching missions: advancing a competitive economy, ensuring trust in institutions and promoting an inclusive Malaysia. IDEAS is Malaysia’s first independent think tank, free of personal interests and partisan influences.

The Fourth is a digital media agency that uses investigative and impact journalism to defend social justice, and trains others to do the same.

what do we want to achieve?

Our core activity is “The Sama-Sama Project”, a social experiment where six people with opposing views attempt to have an empathetic conversation, just by following 3 simple rules.

Through our explainer series “Perinci”, our journalists and experts explore topics related to equality and inclusivity, so you’ll have the knowledge to create a better world.

We also plan to take the movement nationwide through “Sama-Sama Live”, a series of live discussions following the Sama-Sama format (depending on the Covid-19 situation, of course).

Through these activities and more, we hope to do our part to achieve a more inclusive, united Malaysia.

Ultimately, we hope that this movement leads to a better understanding amongst Malaysians on the importance of the values contained in the International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) convention and the need for its ratification.

How can I help?

We developed three simple ways you can support the movement.
  1. Sign the anti-racism pledge
  2. Register to join a Sama-Sama session
  3. Follow our social media platforms for the latest updates